Middleburg Team Lends a Hand at United Community Ministries

Last Friday, the Corporate team at Middleburg worked with the United Community Ministries (UCM) in Alexandria, VA and helped prepare and package bags of food donations.

One week out of every month, UCM prepares a large stock of grocery bags filled with foods for people in need. The purpose of this volunteer activity was to get these bags filled and ready to go for the month of donations.

The team organized an assembly line of helping hands to stock an assortment of food such as canned vegetables, flour, pasta, sauces, and beans just to name a few. After the items were placed in bags, they went into a large crate to be delivered to those in need.

By the end of the morning, the team filled more than 3 extra large crates of donation bags!

Thank you to UCM for the generous work they do. The staff was such a wonderful team to work with and we look forward to helping out again in the future.

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