Mosby Poinsett & Journey to Victory Counseling host mental health event

Story 1 Journey to Victory

Mosby Poinsett & Journey to Victory Counseling services put on a very impactful and important event that talked about many topics regarding mental health. The event started out with a nice mix and mingle exercise so that everyone could be familiar with the facilitators and other event attendees. After that a discussion was initiated about what exactly mental health was and the different stigmas that are attached to mental illnesses. The crowd participated very well. After a great discussion about the many different types of mental illnesses and how they affect people the facilitators began to talk about coping mechanisms.

I was amazed to see how many attendees were taking notes and even sharing their own exercises during this session. One of the most popular and effective techniques involved exercise and just putting in the effort to find someone like a licensed therapist to talk to about the different challenges you might be going through. This session was great, and people even stayed around to talk more about the topics and how to get help.

We had 4 residents show up and the rest were from the surrounding areas. They thought it was terrific that our company has undertaken this task of bringing these kinds of events to the community. One resident of Poinsett said, “I am so happy to be here today, I feel like this place is truly my home”. She had just recently lost her husband and she was relieved to know that she wasn’t alone and now she knows how to get help.

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