Stone Ridge Delivers: 3 Days, 1125 Meals

Nashville Rescue Mission is a non-profit organization deeply committed to helping the hungry, homeless and hurting by providing programs and services that focus on a person’s entire live; physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social. Their program is designed to restore the whole person. The purpose of this community service event was to create awareness among our team and residents in regards to how fortunate we are of having everything we need and to realize that there are a lot of people who lack the very basic needs; food, clothing, shelter, etc. We created a campaign to motivate our residents to volunteer their time along with us to visit the locations of the Nashville Rescue Mission to help serve meals for the homeless and bring hope for them. We designated 3 days for the activity (November 7th, 17th and 30th) and each one of those days we helped serve on average 375 meals.

We made the decision to support the Nashville Rescue Mission because we realized that their program represents hope for tomorrow and this has such a positive impact in our community. Hope for tomorrow is counseling for a man who is battling addiction. It is caring for a woman who has suffered abuse. It is giving a child a safe place to play while mom gets the help she needs. It is teaching men and women new skills that will equip them for a better future and this organization does all that. By serving meals at the Nashville Rescue Mission we have given our contribution to the nobel cause.

10 residents involved in the event. We promoted our event through Facebook, e-mail blast and flyers in the leasing office, laundry room and mail rooms.

The great feeling of doing something good for the ones in need was every time our biggest compensation. - Doris Pedraza
S Ridge Commuity Service Event Q4 3

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