The Stigma of Mental Health in our Communities at Vesta Bouldercrest

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With the seasons changing from the warmer months to the colder months it is a known fact that anxiety & depression are on the rise. Middleburg communities realized this and has decided to help our residents combat these feelings by having a free workshop held by “The Progress Place”. The Progress place is an organization based in the Atlanta metro area. They specialize in behavior management techniques, training, and resources necessary to maintain full functionality in society without slipping into bad habits or illegal activities. Whether treating adults or children, their aim is to keep the people functioning at a high level.

During the workshop residents were able to talk about how thy feel and how they typically deal with negative and positive emotions & thoughts. Progress place representatives were able to share best practices and other techniques to help people get through these moments that they may encounter daily. One resident said “I am so happy that I came to this workshop. I had so many questions about my mental state and the Progress Place reps were a great resource to get answers from. I can’t wait for them to come back!”. Middleburg Communities is very thankful for the partnership with the Progress Place, and we look forward to doing more events with them.

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