Vesta Derby Oaks Peace Walk

Middleburg Communities, in partnership with the Louisville police department, partnered to host a peace walk event to unify the community and bring attention to safety & awareness. This event made a positive difference in how people felt towards the local government and local police. The event also created awareness for local government and police, communicating community needs for positive change with more support.

The event received overwhelming support from the public, local political figures, and high-ranking officers in the LPD. Local political figures included Councilmember David James, Councilmember Kevin Triplett and Legislative Assistant Daniel Luckett. High ranking officers included Major Shannon Lauder & District Resource Officer Brittany Rausch. All these leaders in the community interacted with residents from Derby Oaks and citizens of the Taylor Berry neighborhood.

Positive and heartfelt conversations were shared throughout the day. A local media crew came to cover the event and interviewed several people. One resident said, “I can’t believe that I was given the opportunity to talk to my district representative face to face like this. I truly feel like they care, and that positive change is coming.” Middleburg is committed to being a catalyst for positive change in the communities that we serve and we look forward to additional events like this one at Vesta Derby Oaks.

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