JUVO Virtual Job Fair

Middleburg in partnership with JUVO Jobs were able to host a very successful virtual job fair for the Vesta Adams Park community. Juvo jobs is an app that helps people find fulfilling work inside their communities and creates awareness of new local talent that adds unique value to companies. During this event, several JUVO employees came to Adams Park to help over 30 residents download and navigate the app so that they could apply to local jobs.

Juvo jobs & Middleburg also provided prizes, food, gift cards and a live DJ to enhance the experience. One resident said, “this app makes finding and applying for jobs much easier and less intimidating”. Middleburg is a proud and happy partner with JUVO jobs. We hope that our residents will be able to take advantage of this FREE app and enhance their quality of life by finding great jobs in the community that they live in. Please visit https://www.juvojobs.com/ to learn more about JUVO jobs.

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