Middleburg Communities Hosts First-Annual Middleburg Housing Summit

VIENNA, Va. – October 14, 2022 – Middleburg Communities (“Middleburg”) today shared that it hosted the inaugural Middleburg Housing Summit, a knowledge-sharing event, on September 22-23, 2022 at the Salamander Resort in Middleburg, Virginia. The summit brought together the housing industry’s top analysts, investors, and policy advocates to discuss and navigate the most relevant and pressing issues facing the housing industry and brainstorm solutions.

More than 60 attendees took part in panel discussions led by experts from highly respected organizations – including RealPage, Oxford Economics, the National Multifamily Housing Council, John Burns Real Estate Consulting, RCLO Fund Advisors, Institutional Properties Advisors, and more. Each panel centered on macro industry trends such as inflation and mortgage rates, housing policies affecting multifamily development and the need for more attainable housing. Attendees also discussed emerging technologies in property management that are helping to meet the changing needs of today’s consumer.

“The desire to facilitate meaningful knowledge sharing and collaboration was the impetus behind organizing this event and bringing together some of the most intellectual and influential figures in housing,” said Chris Finlay, Middleburg Communities CEO. “The depth and nature of the conversations that took place inspired many creative ideas to help drive our industry forward in a thoughtful and responsible manner. I’m incredibly proud of the Middleburg team for organizing such a dynamic event and am very grateful to everyone who participated in making it a success.”

The invitation-only summit featured four 90-minute panels on the following topics:

  • Macroeconomic Conditions and Demographics Affecting Rental Housing Markets
  • Synopsis: Demographics in data can’t be understated, or underreported, according to the experts in this panel. Changes in immigration, population, birth rates and household growth affect the waxes and wanes in housing supply and demand.
  • Policy Issues Affecting Housing Markets and the Own/Rent Decision
  • Synopsis: Policy predates outcome, and today’s housing economy moves faster than policy outcomes. Experts weigh in on current and hypothetical policies to solve today’s access to home ownership and the impact of federal policy at the local level.
  • How Prop Tech is Changing the Game
  • Synopsis: Today’s modern renter has higher expectations for their property managers. They want low-barrier-to-entry solutions to meet their increasing technological needs. Experts weigh in on what that means for developers and managers.
  • Financial & Operating Prospects for Rental Housing
  • Synopsis: The stunning increase in the premium to buy versus rent will have significant influence on future demand. Will workers return to the office, and what do those choices say about the housing outlook? Experts weigh in on trend accelerations and stabilizations.

“The Middleburg Housing Summit was an excellent forum for tackling the issues most pertinent to the multifamily sector— ranging from the macro environment to the micro details, all driven by data-informed insight,” said Middleburg Housing Summit Panelist Chris Porter, Senior Vice President and Chief Demographer at John Burns Real Estate Consulting. “I could see the wheels turning in attendees’ heads as the content drove meaningful discussions about the state and future of the industry.”

Attendee Alberto Garcia, Managing Partner at Ailsa Capital, added: “The event was attended by industry experts who we reference on any given day, making it an invaluable experience.”

About Middleburg Housing Summit

The Middleburg Housing Summit is an annual, invitation-only gathering of distinguished investors, financial and real estate professionals, and housing experts hosted by Middleburg Communities. The two-day event features in-depth discussions and presentations focusing on macroeconomic conditions and policy issues affecting the housing markets. The purpose of the summit is to bring together the industry’s top dealmakers and policy experts to exchange ideas and solutions that will ultimately benefit the industry. For those interested in attending the Middleburg Housing Summit in 2023, please email Eleni Kessides, Head of Investor Relations, ekessides@livemiddleburg.com

About Middleburg Communities

Middleburg is a leading investment firm maximizing value through a fully integrated approach to the acquisition, development, construction and operations of high-quality attainable rental housing. Since 2004, Middleburg has acquired and developed more than 22,000 apartment units, executing over $3 billion in transactions. The Middleburg team shares a vision for greater value creation through community impact. The firm’s success is rooted in a genuine desire to serve its local communities in thoughtful and holistic ways. Middleburg embraces people, property, and partnerships to enhance the lives of others, contribute positively to its neighborhoods and maximize real returns for partners. For more information, please visit www.middleburgcommunities.com.


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