Middleburg Serves the Community

On Friday May 13th, Middleburg powered down computers, set work aside, shut down the corporate office and got their hands dirty – or yellow that is! Each quarter, Middleburg's corporate headquarters located in Fairfax, Virginia actively participates in an all-day out-of-office service experience.

For the most recent project, Middleburg helped the National Park Service paint snow markers that are used to identify trails in the winter. These trail markers will help Rangers navigate the trails in hazardous conditions while ensuring clear visibility of boundaries to preserve and protect our National Parks. The team went in with all hands on deck and painted over 500 trail markers.

With the help of Middleburg, the National Park Service can place the markers throughout over forty National Parks in the Virginia and Washington, D.C. area.

Middleburg is proud to serve the community and is committed to service! Check out some pictures of our team!

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