Pet Palooza at Mosby Ingleside

Middleburg communities and several local pet service providers were able to host an event at Mosby Ingleside that was called Pet Palooza. The idea of the event was to bring several different local vendors and an adoption facility to our residents at Mosby Ingleside. The residents at Ingleside love their pets and are always looking for the latest and best ways to take care of them. Also, Middleburg was aware that many shelters are nearly at or past capacity. This means that many pets must be euthanized because of the lack of space and resources to take care of these animals.

During this event we had several partners in attendance. These partners included “Kimberly’s Kritter care”, who can provide many different services to your pet from daily walks to medical care. “Camp Bow Wow”, who can provide many services like boarding your dog and daycare. Finally, we partnered with the “Pet Helpers adoption center” who brought several dogs and cats that could be adopted right there at the event. Part of Pet helpers’ mission is to end the euthanasia of all adoptable cats and dogs by keeping all animals until adopted.

This very successful event saw several residents adopt pets and learn about different service providers in the area. Residents also enjoyed free food and a live djay. One resident showed up to the event a whole hour and a half before the event started. She said “I am so excited and happy that I will be able to get a new addition to my family today. I am very happy that Pet Helpers will be here because we live kind of far from them. This is much more convenient, and I think it is amazing that Middleburg is hosting an event like this! I wish more apartment complexes did things like this.” Middleburg strives to provide an optimal living experience to not only our human residents but also our furry friends.

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