Vesta Creeks Run Health Fair

Middleburg communities in partnership with the Shifa Clinic were able to host a health care event at the Vesta Creeks Run pool area. Shifa clinics mission is to serve uninsured and vulnerable community members with high-quality medical care that is free of charge to residents. With the increased numbers of job losses and evictions, and the added uncertainty of the pandemic, they feel the need to broaden their initiatives to have an even greater impact. Since prevention of disease is the first line of defense, they plan to allocate funds to provide pop-up healthcare.

Vesta Creeks Run residents were able to get screened for many chronic conditions like Hypertension, Diabetes, Vision loss, BMI, Anemia, Lung cancer (questionnaire for eligibility) and register eligible candidates for no-cost mammograms. Residents were also able to receive COVID-19 outreach education along with the administration of vaccines and boosters all while relaxing by the pool enjoy free food, drinks and a live djay. One resident said “This is a great event! I love how I can come out to our pool get some health care advice, meet my neighbors, and have fun! I can tell that Middleburg really cares about us and I’m glad they are the new management group of Creeks Run.” Middleburg and Shifa Clinic look forward to continuing this partnership and plan on having many more events in the very near future.

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