Police Hub Space Donation

Middleburg Communities is always looking for ways to make a difference in the communities that they are in. When Middleburg heard that the local police had to drive on the other side of town just to have a safe place to take a break they decided to do something. This action resulted in Middleburg donating a whole unit at Vesta Creeks Run just for the police to use, but Middleburg didn't stop there. Middleburg also stocked this unit with food, drinks, a microwave, a coffee maker and furniture to make the space even more comfortable.

The Charleston Police department was very excited about this space. One officer said "This is simply awesome! It is so hard for me and other patrolling officers to find a safe and comfortable space locally to take a break or use the bathroom without having to drive over 40 mins back to the precinct . This Hub will be used very often and will make things so much more easier for us!". Middleburg is proud to continue to stay true to its commitment to the communities it serves and find innovative ways to help.

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