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Community Life: Resident and Neighbor Programs

At Middleburg Communities, we challenge ourselves to improve our communities. We currently offer four comprehensive programs (Work Life, Teach Life, Fit Life, and Home Life) aimed at improving the lives of our residents. Please feel free to check out our current programs being offered below. Our list of upcoming programs are updated daily.

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Overcome People Pleasing

Wed, November 9, 2022,

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CST

Do you ever feel like you live your life trying to please others, even if it’s at the expense of your own well-being? Maybe you are always saying ‘yes’ to taking on responsibilities (often that aren’t even yours to take on) so you aren’t viewed as being ‘difficult’ or ‘disagreeable,’ or to simply ‘keep the peace.’ Deep down, you wish you could say ‘no,’ but you break your own boundaries and exhaust your energy focusing more on other people’s needs than your own.

When left unchecked, too much people pleasing can lead to anxiety, burnout, and harm.

We’ve created this free coaching hour to help you uncover some of the blocks and beliefs behind why and how you people please.

After this coaching hour, you’ll have a deeper understanding of what people-pleasing is and why we do it, how to know when to stop, as well as tips and strategies you can use to help you to recover from people-pleasing.

This is a live coaching hour so come with your questions ready and receive coaching on how you can recover from people pleasing today.

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What If I Have Too Many Interests?

Wed, November 16, 2022

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CST

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with possibility because you have “too many” career interests and passions? You are not alone. Many career transitioners struggle with trying to reconcile their passion and interests with finding the right career path for them. Oftentimes, we can find ourselves living in the “shoulds” and “coulds” of what we can do versus truly digging into the core of who we are and defining what it is we really need and desire.

In this free live coaching hour, Coach Robbi is going to help you reframe how you’re approaching the challenges that are arising in your career journey. She’ll work with you to uncover your gifts and strengths, and help you discover the unique action items you can start implementing today to get you unstuck. It’s time to release the overwhelm, all those “shoulds,” and get you back on track so you can move forward towards your goals.

This is a live coaching hour so be sure to have your questions prepared ahead of time. Can’t wait to see you there!


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The Importance Of Challenging Your Ego As A Leader

Wed, November 23, 2022

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CST

Location: Virtual

We are all struggling with "am I good enough" and that sometimes leads us to act in a way that's fear-based and self-serving versus what's best for the team or business.

Join Ama La Vida’s Co-Founders, Nicole Wood and Foram Sheth, as they discuss how they support each other to be their best, help each other remove ego and do what’s right... not simply what feels good.

After this webinar, you’ll be able to know:

  • How to recognize when your ego is flaring up
  • Ways you can check yourself and act from a different posture
  • You're human, and not along in feeling like this
  • How coaching can support this ongoing work

This event will be live so be sure to bring all your questions as there’ll be time for Q&A. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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Virtual Hiring Event. The Carolinas and Georgia

WEDNESDAY, JULY 7, 2021..Ongoing!

10 AM EDT – 12 PM EDT

Free Virtual Career Fair.

Multiple Openings! JOBS!
Log on to southeastcareercenter.com at 10:00 am on the event date to participateInfo@southeastcareercenter.com
Powered by Career Center of the Southeast


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Connect Your Mind And Body To Explore Your Limiting Beliefs

Wed, December 14, 2022

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CST

Location: Virtual

What happens to you when you start to have negative self-talk, and feelings of unworthiness come up? Does your body clench, breath shorten and temperature rise? Or maybe your entire body freezes, and you almost get cold chills?

It’s important to remember that limiting beliefs not only impact our mental and emotional well-being, but they can manifest in our body in different ways - causing unnecessary stress and tension to build up over time.

In this live coaching hour event, Coach Natalia will focus on the somatic (body) feelings that come up when a limiting belief shows up that will not only help you connect to your emotions, but also have you deeply connect to your body and what part of you feels threatened by that belief. We'll investigate the narratives that show up, but focus more on the feeling to help you dig a little deeper, and connect with your mind and body.

There is so much wisdom and healing our mind and body can teach us when they work together. You’ll leave this coaching hour feeling empowered with tools and strategies you can use to help tap into that wisdom.


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W.O.W. (Words of Wellness) Wednesday

On Going on Wednesdays

12 pm

Location: Virtual

The Diabetes Association of Atlanta offers both diabetes prevention and management education in the community. The education program is designed to promote behavior change and risk reduction in high-risk youth as well as the high-risk adult population.


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How People-Pleasing Impacts Your Career

Wed, November 30, 2022

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CST

If you find yourself not asking for that promotion, overworked, stressed and stuck in your career, chances are you’re people-pleasing.

People-pleasing is putting others’ needs above your own in a way that can leave you feeling emotionally drained, stressed, and anxious. As a result, people-pleasers may struggle with standing up for themselves, which can lead to harmful patterns of self-neglect and self-sabotage.

In this live webinar event, Coach Lisa is going to be sharing with you strategies to help you overcome people-pleasing so you can begin to shed the guilt that’s keeping you from meeting your own needs and desires, and excel in your career!

Bring all your questions with you as there will be plenty of time for Q&A!


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Free Live 3-Day Challenge - 2023 Me: No More People-Pleasing

Wed, Jan 4, 2023,

1:00 PM CST

People-pleasing is putting others' needs above your own. This is not the same as kindness and helpfulness, which we all want to demonstrate. Going too far to please others can leave you feeling emotionally drained, stressed, and anxious. As a result, people-pleasers may struggle with self-advocacy, which can lead to harmful patterns of self-neglect and self-sabotage.


Step 1 - Register for the challenge to receive all the details and be entered to win a thank you prize.

Step 2 - Mark your calendar so that you can join us live (or watch the replay). The challenge will be starting on Wednesday, Jan 4th, at 1pm CT.

Reminder - the challenge videos will only be available for a limited time!

Step 3 - Join us LIVE each day where you will be given a simple action item to complete that day so that by the end of this week, you’ve already started setting your boundaries and prioritizing your needs.

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Push Through Fear To Start Your Entrepreneurship Journey

Tue, December 6, 2022

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CST

There are many fears that can arise on the entrepreneurship journey, but some of the scariest are right at the beginning when you are first creating (or thinking about creating) a business.

In this panel discussion, Coach Peggy will interview entrepreneurs across various stages of business, including Ama La Vida’s very own Co-Founder and CEO, Nicole Wood, along with two ALV clients, who will share their top tips on how to deal with the fears associated with starting a business. You’ll be able to learn from their experience, and feel encouraged to push through the fears that come up so you can create a business you love.

There will be plenty of time for Q&A so be sure to bring all your pressing questions. Can’t wait to see you there!