Marguerite Ogilvie

In her role as a Contracts Manager for Construction, Ms. Ogilvie oversees drafting, managing, and ensuring compliance with contracts for projects. Ms. Ogilvie works closely with the Project Managers and Field Team to generate contracts; purchase orders and helps Subcontractors with their monthly draws. Ms. Ogilvie’s efforts contribute to efficient project execution while upholding compliance and financial integrity.

Mrs. Ogilvie has over 17 years of experience in Construction. Before joining Middleburg, Mrs. Ogilvie spent 3 years with a Multifamily company where she was responsible as a Contracts Manager for the Carolinas supporting the Senior Directors of Construction and VP of Construction with each assigned project, and 14 years with a Development Company in the Commercial Real Estate Development assisting the Development Managers with Designed Marketing PowerPoint Presentations that lead to client approvals for successful Site Selections.

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